5 Reasons To Get A Heat Pump

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It’s heating season here in Western Newfoundland!

Is the cost of electric heat stressing you out? Is your furnace getting old? Are you trying to save money and energy by wearing two sweaters to bed? Are you looking at the millions of dog berries around and thinking we’re in for a long, snowy winter?

Beat the stress of those cold winters by installing a new Heat Pump from Northridge Developments.

Here are 5 things to consider when looking for a heat pump in Western Newfoundland:

1. Savings
A heat pump will reduce your electric heating costs by as much as 40%, which could add up to hundreds of dollars in energy savings every year!

2. Set it and forget it!
Just set your heat pump to your desired temperature and leave it alone. Heat pumps provide warm comfortable air all day and night and use less energy than your electric heaters, all without having to adjust a thermostat. They’re also programmable, so you can change the temperature depending on the time and day of the week.

3. Professional Installation
You get the full benefits of a heat pump when it’s installed and certified by a trained professional. Lucky for you, Northridge is a locally owned and operated company with Certified Technicians on staff to supply, install, and maintain your unit worry free!

4. Warranty
Many brands of heat pumps installed by Northridge come with a fantastic warranty plan to keep your equipment running efficiently and worry free for years.

5. Year Round Comfort
Don’t fall asleep with the fan on again – your new heat pump will keep you nice and cool all summer long. A heat pump will keep you warm in winter, but you’ll fall in love all over again in the summer as it provides cool, air conditioned air as well!

Sold yet? If so, give us a call at Northridge Developments Ltd. to talk to us about getting a quote for your new heat pump today!